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Welcome to our new website and newsletter

We hope you find the new site easy to use and informative. We look forward to this being a space in which you can also find useful information, great offers and opportunities to connect with our faculty and partners.

Several new features include the upgraded publications section. This will bring you news of new books and articles and offer a download of useful chapters. We will add to this regularly.

Across the PDF family there are many active researchers and practitioners sharing their vision and knowledge of professional development in multiple fields. Many also offer free webinars. We will make it possible for you to connect into these offers as they become available. We will also feature interesting work by others in our field not just our own faculty and look forward to hearing from those who would like to join with us in sharing knowledge.

New Books

Our colleague Katharine St John Brooks has published an important and very practical study of Internal Coaching in the professional coaching series with Karnac.

Also just out is Marc Kahn's outstanding work, Coaching on the Axis, which brings psychology and business sciences together to provide a coherent synthesis for those in the business coaching field.

Manfusa Sham's new work on coaching in the family business is also in the pipeline. Much more on coaching and mentoring is to come with a joint book between David Gray, Robert Garvey and David Lane. Look out for more information on that. The second edition of Sunny Stout Rostron's excellent guide on Business Coaching is now available.

For more information on the above new books please go to our Publications page under Coaching

In the supervision field Sarah Corrie and David Lane have just completed the manuscript for a book on CBT Supervision and with Mary Watts together with internationally leading experts are working on one covering psychological supervision. These should be available later this year.


Paul Furey one of our associates is offering a range of practical free webinars on all matters coaching look out for these. Paul also writes some interesting articles each month on his blog covering psychology and coaching:

Our partners The Taos Institute are also running webinars in 'collaborative approaches to leading' more on that to come. We are planning to make many of our workshops available on-line, these include those in Applied Trauma Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Pathways to Growth, Coaching and Leadership.

You will see we are offering many new Masters and Doctorate options and other interesting innovative programme are in preparation.

PDF started as a means for professionals to share skills and knowledge. Back then this was largely face-to-face - we now have the means to connect instantly and globally. We hope to make it possible for more people to share a wider range of ideas to the benefit of the professional development of us all. Ultimately this can only be of value to our clients and the societies we seek to serve.

We look forward to joining with you - sharing our passion for learning.

David Lane

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