Evaluation Projects - Case Studies

Case Study 1

International Coaching Research

PDF was commissioned by an international coaching body to develop a project to create and evaluate new professional standards.

An initial group of four coaches from three countries undertook a review of the field comparing standards across a number of professions with those within the coaching field. A representative group of coaches with wide international experience was then established to take forward the development and evaluation of the project drawing upon the initial review.

Case Study 2

Internal Coach Evaluation Study

A conglomerate in the food and beverages industry was developing a worldwide coaching capacity based on developing internal coaches. Its standing in the industry justified its status as a world-class producer and it wanted to adopt a “world class” approach to evaluation for its coaching programmes.

PDF helped them to re-consider the Purpose of their approach. Out of that we worked with them to explore a number of Perspectives on evaluation, which served both to challenge that purpose and facilitate understanding of how it might be evaluated. Finally a Process for evaluation was created.

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