Our doctorate candidates are all senior professionals. They undertake research into significant areas of practice and deliver research, which has real impact in both business and the professions. PDF has supported practitioners as researchers since the early 1980’s. We have taken candidates through doctorate programmes at a number of institutions or provided advice upon which programmes to follow. We continue to support a large number of candidates across the globe to conduct practice based research. Much of this work has been published and has impacted on practice. 

We focus on professionals wishing to undertake a research project intended to make a significant and original contribution to their field. As part of this we also support candidates seeking professional membership of appropriate bodies. 
We support candidates by offering advice on suitable degree options, support their registration in various universities, and run programmes in association with different institutions. We provide teaching and supervision in the following areas:

We start with our candidates to explore their learning journey and what brought them to the point of wanting to contribute to practice based evidence. The final elements of our work are to support candidates to reflect upon what they have learned personally and professionally from their journey and to disseminate the findings through conferences, workshops and publications.