Collaborative Research Case Studies

Case Study 1

Human Resource Management in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

This study with the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development [CIPD] involved more than 300 UK businesses with between 20 and 200 staff. We produced a research review, plus a series of questionnaires. Detailed follow up case studies were explored around issues related to management and human resourcing. The resultant case study proposed number of models of practice and future roles for human resourcing specialists. Aspects of the study were later replicated in a follow up report.

Case Study 2


This study involved collaboration between some thirty organisations in the private sector, government departments, CIPD, TUC and CBI. More than 900 organisations provided data for the research. Detailed models to promote the social contract for employability between employers and staff were developed which looked at how staff could best contribute to competitiveness and companies to employability.

Aspects of this were later replicated in a study in Spain.

Case Study 3

The Case for Coaching

This study commissioned by Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development [CIPD], and in conjunction with the International Centre for the Study of Coaching, looked at the evidence base for the use of coaching in organisations. We produced a review of the literature, survey data from 100 organisations and a detailed case study of 30 private and public sector companies. As a result of the research we developed models for policy and practice within coaching. Frameworks to improve the effectiveness of coaching were also provided.

The study demonstrated that coaching worked if:

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