Pathways to Growth

Pathways to Growth

Welcome to an exciting new MA Degree Programme

This programme is unique in that it enables students to embark on a personal 'spiritual' journey, which incorporates all three facets of life: Mind, Body and Spirit. It will examine the challenge of successfully re-integrating these aspects into everyday life including your professional work.

It will question rationality and seek to develop integral non-linear methods. The programme will explore the study of consciousness and the transpersonal as well as the different aspects of spirituality, bodywork, meditation and breathwork.

You will be looking for transformation, expansion of thinking, self-discovery, personal growth, development of creativity and we will facilitate that journey.

During the first two years there will be residential workshops, to enable you to explore deeper with others to support exploration of self. And in the third year there will be an opportunity to carry out your own research study.

This degree does not orientate participants in anyone particular direction but enables the student to seek 'their own path' through a 'transpersonal learning experience'.

The main areas covered include transpersonal psychology, eco-psychology, emerging spirituality, consciousness’ studies, positive and humanistic psychology plus exploration into bodywork, breathe work and meditation studies.

We hope that graduates will see themselves and the world in a bigger perspective, with valuable skills and knowledge to advance their chosen field and be part of a possible paradigm shift.

Pathways to Growth

A journey of self discovery, new ways of thinking, creativity, spiritual knowledge, empowerment, & personal / professional development

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Programme Director Susan Redgrave: or Programme Manager:

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