Organisational Development Case Studies

Case Study 1

National Health Service Trust

A UK health service trust committed to an innovative development process for key medical staff, commissioned PDF to develop their skills as managers against agreed competencies and quality improvement targets.
A Diploma was designed around the specific needs of the organization and its members, which gradually evolved as these needs changed.

More than two hundred managers completed the process which resulted in helping them to achieve quality targets.

Case Study 2

Leading Research Institute

The senior scientists of this leading research institute were responsible for multi-million dollar research contracts combining academic research and industrial contracts. The need of the Institute to rethink the strategic issues facing the organization, led to a development programme in “Managing in Science”.

In partnership with PDF a three-year scheme was developed which required the participants to:

This process was undertaken alongside, and integrated with, their existing research contracts for clients. The programme led to a Postgraduate Diploma, with the option to submit the work-based project report for accreditation at Masters level.

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