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One of our MSc students Gina Mammone publishes a new article - August 2015

Does peer-support mediate the relationship between Social Support & Psychological Wellbeing?

This is a question raised by one of our masters candidates, Gina Mammone in the August edition of the CIMA [Crisis Intervention & Management Australia] newsletter. 

Gina is currently studying for her MSc in Applied Trauma Psychology with us, while on a career break from the NSW State Emergency Services in Australia, where she works as a manager. 

Gina has long believed that peer-support provides a key to mental health and her current research project has been inspired by her personal experiences, in crisis intervention while working closely with peers for over 11 years. Her target population is the one  which she is most familiar having worked in the emergency services for over 25 years: SES, fire and rescue, law enforcement and military. 

Gina is seeking ways through her research studies for peers to become even more effective. 

Her latest article can be read below on page 3 of the CIMA newsletter.


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