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Internal Coaching - How to add real value to your organisation

Recently Professor David Lane presented a well received workshop to the Society of Consulting Psychology (ICCP) event in San Diego. For outline of his workshop see below:

Internal coaching is a rapidly growing form of coaching yet it suffers from credibility and trust issues which limits effectiveness. This workshop will show you how to overcome those issues and what needs to be in place to create internal coaching that adds real value to your organisation.

Initially, this was seen as a cheap alternative to employing external coaches (except of course for senior managers!). However, that time has gone and increasingly it is seen as a way to build internal expertise, control costs, and deliver coaching to more people.

However, problems with its adoption remain. These include issues of:

However these issues are increasingly being addressed. In this workshop, we will briefly consider the evidence base for internal coaching and draw upon case studies from research to indicate the impacts from coaching across a wide range of corporates.

We will look at what you have to do to set up an effective programme, manage, evaluate and supervise it and address the problems around trust and credibility.

If you would like David to present this workshop to your organisation, please contact him redirect:

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