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Postgraduate Certificate & Master of Arts Degree (MA) in Professional Development in Human Animal Interactions

The Human Animal Interaction programmes allow work based learners to develop expertise in human-animal interaction theory and application, research, ethology and animal emotion, ethical practice, relational dynamics, and cultural considerations across groups in relation to animals.

Further specialisation is possible via the Master of Arts Degree option. The programme allows learners to continue their work and life while pursuing a certificate or degree. These programmes are for distance learners and include no compulsory residency requirements.

Supervision is provided by the global Professional Development Foundation (PDF) faculty which has led work-based research for more than 40 years in partnership with several universities. This offer is through the Centre for Work Related Studies at the University of Chester (which has been providing higher education since 1839). Chester awards and quality-assures the degree through its renowned Work Based & Integrative Studies (WBIS) framework for professionals. You will join a vibrant online community of learners interested in sharing their interest in professional practice and human-animal interactions.

For the Post Graduate Certificate candidates complete 3 modules:

For the Masters Degree two additional modules are added plus a module on research methods and a negotiated practitioner enquiry project.

This programme is aimed at professionals in the field who wish to expand their knowledge or re-specialise and for those who desire to partner with animals in their existing or future careers. Careers might include, mental health, health care, veterinary medicine, zoology, animal training, animal rescue, rehabilitation, advocacy and policy development.

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