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Global Leadership Programme Overview

First Year: Developing a Foundation for Future Research and Consulting in Global Leadership

Covers understanding of global issues and the methodological tools that are relevant to managers in their roles as leaders and consultants allow the participants to select specific areas of study with the goal of establishing the basis for a dissertation proposal.

Second Year: Basics of Global Leadership

After developing the methodological tools, participants delve deeper into their chosen area within Global Leadership and begin to form a personal understanding of gaps in knowledge, which leads them to their research question. At this point, they are prepared to conduct projects abroad and will engage in a supervised project outside of their home country.

Third Year: Develop Professional Approach to Global Leadership

In this final year, leadership skills are developed and their understanding of change management is honed. Using critical thinking skills they have learned, the participants study strategic processes and concepts needed to predict future trends in the global environment. Students will use the appropriate methodology to finalize their dissertations.


Professors and Leaders from across the globe provide the faculty for this programme. It will be run through PDF and awarded by Middlesex University in association with partners worldwide.


By invitation only but expressions of interest welcome.

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