Course Accreditation - Case Studies

Case Study 1

Linking academic rigour to personal development planning

A specialist division within an international consultancy had been gradually building their expertise in developing markets. As a second stage they wanted to create individualised learning plans linked to key organisational objectives. They also wanted to map these against the rigour of academic levels. They asked PDF to undertake that mapping and also establish a small-scale framework to link internal development to an external masters degree. PDF provided both the mapping and created the framework and then took it through to accreditation on their behalf.

Case Study 3

Using internal expertise with a specialist police service

A specialist division within a police service had very specific needs in terms of the support they provided across divisions of the service. PDF working with the team created a set of competencies based on an analysis of the key tasks undertaken and outcomes they needed to meet.

PDF helped them create an internally accredited course structure that could be mapped against the competencies. They were able continue to develop their expertise to deliver this initiative. PDF was able to oversee but not direct this activity thereby keeping it very much within their own control.

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