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Coaching Psychology

The New Existential Coaching Psychology [NECP] an international academic society, was founded and currently directed by Professor Arnon Levy a clinical psychologist, psychoanthropologist and an existential life coach. The society’s vision is to promote a discipline of humanistic / existential coaching based on methodology from human and social sciences.

NECP is affiliated with the International Society for Logotherapy. Our Existential Analysis courses are recognised by both the International Society for Coaching Psychology [ISfCP] and the International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.

This programme is available to professionals from around the world enabling them to study advanced coaching skills and academic qualifications at Postgraduate Certificate, Master’s and Doctorate levels in Coaching and Coaching Psychology.

Our vision is to develop and distribute a unique contemporary approach to the development of Coaching and Coaching Psychology. This approach is research based, pluralistic and characterised by a commitment to using a philosophical underpinning built on Humanistic and Existential values applied to the learning process and to coaching practice.

Our approach is based upon research in developmental psychology, evolutionary science, comparative psychology culture studies and systems theory. We aim to adapt the existential coaching knowledge derived from this approach into our career and personal life, and to enhance creative lifelong learning in everyday life.

This programme is the first to be based within an international group of specialists across the globe working together with an international student body. Together they constitute an international faculty sharing skills, experience and knowledge to create a learning journey shared by all, but unique to each.

We recognise that everyone’s needs are different, so we have created a highly flexible programme, suitable for busy professionals.

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