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Counselling, Psychotherapy and Behaviour - Case Studies

Case Study 1

Local Authority Behaviour Support Development Programme

Working with a local authority support team we provided a series of workshops to teach approaches to behavioural support and help the nominees from the schools attending to develop an internal strategy. A series of assessments of those approaches were developed and candidates could gain a Post Graduate Certificate as part of developing their internal strategic process. This programme ran successfully for more than ten years.

Case Study 2

Local cohort of schools working together to create Behaviour Policy

A group of schools in one education authority came together to establish a change process for behaviour and attendance policy. Each school nominated a small group of teachers who attended two weekly twilight sessions to develop an approach to policy development in their school. Working  with other schools in these sessions they were able to help each other critique their approach.

Each school created an internal project team to develop the outputs from the sessions into a policy development group who cooperated with others throughout the school. The final policy programmes were launched at whole school development days.

Case Study 3

Counselling in Health Care

Working with a mixed group of schools, social and health care agencies we developed internal counselling training programmes aimed at both skills development but also policy development within the organisation. Those taking part were able to participate at the skills development level only or as part of an organisational development plan. Options to have that work assessed were included either as an organisational auditing process or assessed for national awards.

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