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Mentor Professional Development Academy

The Mentor Professional Development Academy offers a curriculum of specialist courses for practitioners and managers working in the area of child sexual exploitation.

The overall aim of the Mentor Academy is to provide the student with a series of case studies which reflect the diversity of offender behaviour and provide a theoretical structure which can be used to practically assist in the formulation of a comprehensive risk assessment and on-going management of an offender's behaviour. This process has an application in a variety of professional arenas including psychology; police, both investigative and risk management; probation and social work. The courses draw heavily upon video examples of offenders discussing their experiences, thoughts and desires which provide even the most inexperienced student with rich insights into child sex offenders.

Completion of 4 of the Mentor core professional development programmes entitles students to apply for the following awards, certificates and diplomas.

Masters and PhD level study is also available to professionals wishing to further develop their research and expertise in this area.

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